Pay as you go service plan

If you feel that the retained service plan isn't for you, you can always just pay for services as and when they are required. The differences are that response times and hourly rates are not the same as those customers which elect to use the retained service. The support available is shown below.

Support options available


  • Immediate response.
  • If engaged or unavailable please leave a voice message, call back will be made as soon as possible, with customers on the retained service plan taking priority.
  • Time taken for telephone support will be charged if applicable by Starplex Systems.


Four working hour response to support email.


Four working hour response from telephone/email request being received, if it is possible to connect to the required server/workstation.


Best efforts to make first thing next working day.


  • Available as a standalone service.
  • £50 per month (up to 3 items) £10 per month per additional item.
  • Email address to be supplied by customer for any generated alerts to be sent to.
  • Please note this is a 24x7 service.


Hourly rates

  • Working hours - £100 per hour (¼ hour increments, no minimum charge)
  • Out of hours - £140 per hour (¼ hour increments, no minimum charge)
  • Emergency - £160 per hour (¼ hour increments, no minimum charge)

Daily rate

  • £700 (09.00 – 18.00 Monday to Friday)
  • £900 (09.00 – 18.00 Saturday/Sunday)