Retained service plan

This plan consists of a fixed monthly charge which will guarantee you up to an agreed amount of time per month of Starplex Systems services, whether this be support, consultancy etc. The benefit of this option is that if time does become chargeable, it will be at a lower hourly rate than customers who are using the pay as you go option. Basic external monitoring is part of the retained package.

Support options available


  • Immediate response.
  • If engaged or unavailable, please leave a voice message. Call back will be made as soon as possible.
  • Time taken for telephone support will be allocated against your monthly allowance if the support is covered by your service level agreement.


Two working hour response to support email.


Two working hour response from telephone/email request being received, if it is possible to connect to the required server/workstation.


Same working day, if possible. Otherwise earliest possible time during next working day.


Starplex's monitoring service will check on your systems 24x7.

  • Minimum level: monitor your business' Internet connection.
  • If you have a dedicated server on-site which runs services vital to your business (for example, email and/or web services), these will also be monitored.
  • If a monitored service becomes unavailable, an alert will be sent to Starplex, with best efforts remedial action taken as soon as is practicable. Please note it is not possible to monitor all services, but we will endeavour to cover as much as we can.


Hourly rates

  • Working hours - £80 per hour (¼ hour increments, no minimum charge)
  • Out of hours - £100 per hour (¼ hour increments, no minimum charge)
  • Emergency - £140 per hour (¼ hour increments, no minimum charge)

Daily rate

  • £600 (09.00 – 18.00 Monday to Friday)
  • £800 (09.00 – 18.00 Saturday/Sunday)