IT and consultancy services

Information about the services and service plans offered by Starplex Systems.

Terms of support

Support availability will differ according to the type of service taken and the time of day.

Support availability

Office hours

  • Office hours are 09:00 – 17:30
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Remote
  • On-site

Out of hours

  • Out of hours are 17:30 – 09:00 (excluding 22:00 – 06:00); Saturday; Sunday; public holidays
  • Email
  • Remote
  • Mobile support number available
  • On-site available at customer’s request and will be charged at appropriate rate


Special 24x7 mobile support phone number, available for customers on the retained service plan only. Two service plans are available, retained or pay as you go.


  • IT support
  • IT consultancy
  • Domain names
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting

Starplex can help you with any variations of the above services, so please do get in touch so we can work together to find a solution which suits your business.

Service plans

Retained service plan

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Guarantees a defined amount of service time per month
  • Fastest response times
  • Any combination of services permitted within the defined time allowance
  • Additional hours charged at reduced rate over pay as you go plan
  • Remote monitoring included
Find out about the retained service plan

Pay as you go service plan

  • Pay as you go on an hourly basis
  • Normal response time
  • Normal hourly rate
  • Any combination of services permitted within the defined time allowance
  • Remote monitoring available
Find out more about the pay as you go service plan